Zmacs vs. Emacs (with manual)

“It’s kind of hard to appreciate the differences [between Zmacs and Emacs) from reading a description. It’s even hard to appreciate it from using Zmacs. Where the light dawns is when you’ve been using Zmacs for a while and go back to using plain old Emacs… Read more


A Roundabout Path to Emacs

I'm a pretty big fan of Emacs. I've tried to leave for various reasons quite a few times, but I always find myself coming back. I want to record how I've been using text editors, just so that I can get my memories straight. Upfront, my memory's n... (more…)

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Emacs: understand the basics in a few minutes

Emacs started its life as “the extensible, customizable display editor” and grew over the years into a full-blown ecosystem. Many tasks, usually relegated to a diverse set of tools can be accomplished from within Emacs in a consistent, familiar interface.... (more…)

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