Zero Downtime Laravel Deployments with “Laravel Deployer” and “GitHub Actions”

Github actions can automate your entire workflow. From building your assets to running your testing and deployment strategies. Github Actions is very similar to other services such as TravisCI, CircleCI, GitLab Pipelines etc, but if you already have your … Read more


AWS KMS with Laravel

AWS KMS is an incredible offering by AWS that manages encryption keys, automatic rotation and secure storage. With rotation enabled, AWS will generate a new encryption key once a year without deleting the previous keys. Any cipher generated by old keys ca... (more…)

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Laravel 8 is Now Released

Laravel 8 is now released and includes many new features including Laravel Jetstream, a models directory, model factory classes, migration squashing, rate-limiting improvements, time testing helpers, dynamic blade components, and many more features. (more…)

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