Writing an OS in Rust: Handling Exceptions

In this post, we start exploring CPU exceptions. Exceptions occur in various erroneous situations, for example when accessing an invalid memory address or when dividing by zero. To catch them, we have to set up an interrupt descriptor table that provides … Read more


Vulkan Tutorial (Rust)

This tutorial is an adaptation of https://vulkan-tutorial.com to use Rust instead of C++. The majority of the credit for this tutorial should go the author of the original tutorial (Alexander Overvoorde) and the other contributors. (more…)

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Yoshua Wuyts: State Machines in Rust

Every now and then I like to think about topics that don't directly relate to my daily work. One of those topics has been parsers: back in January I wrote about byte-ordered stream parsing and how I think we can improve streaming parsing in Rust with a sm... (more…)

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