Writing an Interpreter in Rust (Part 2)

Note: This is a follow-up post to Writing An Interpreter In Rust Thanks for all your feedback, explainations and pull-requests! I’m pretty ……


José Bechara: Rust as an Art Form

Today, I would like to showcase the oxidised metal wall art of José Bechara. As some of you may know, I love using both oxidation (rusting) and polishing on the metallic home decor and wall art that I create, to give a unique metal patina that is slightly... (more…)

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Using Rust Lambdas in Production

We’ve written in the past about how the CV Partner web application is written in Ruby on Rails. The web application isn’t the whole story, though. Surrounding it are many supporting services, and we are increasingly using Rust to write these services. Thi... (more…)

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