WordPress Core RCE – Releasing My Advisory+PoC Exploit Shortly / ExploitBox.io

https://ExploitBox.io – subscribe to receive the link to source code + full exploit details/writeup 🙂 Stay tuned. Discovered and coded by Dawid Golunski htt… Read more


Making GraphQL Work in WordPress

Let’s explore the plugins providing GraphQL servers to WordPress. When should we use WPGraphQL, and when the GraphQL API for WordPress? Is there some advantage of one over the other, or some particular task that is easier to accomplish with one of them? I... (more…)

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WordPress Now on HackerOne

WordPress has grown a lot over the last thirteen years – it now powers more than 28% of the top ten million sites on the web. During this growth, each team has worked hard to continually improve th… (more…)

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