Who’s Ahead in AI Research in 2020? Insights from the ICML 2020

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AI Masters Tetris

I built an AI to master Tetris, how do you think it did? GitHub Repo: https://github.com/greerviau/TetrisAI Twitter: https://twitter.com/greerviau Support me... (more…)

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AI powered LEDs for veins finding

VeinViewer is the only vein finder of its kind that can positively impact the entire Pre-, During and Post-access procedure  and is proven to reduce the number of stick attempts on patients and greatly increase patient satisfaction. (more…)

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Google’s Relentless AI Appetite

Alphabet is seen as the tech industry’s top destination for artificial intelligence engineers and scientists. But Alphabet also has been more aggressive in acquiring AI startups than other tech firms. Its Google unit bought nine between January 2014 and...

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Why are AI predictions so terrible?

In 1997, IBM’s Deep Blue beat world chess champion Gary Kasparov, the first time an AI technology was able to outperform a world expert in a highly complicated endeavor. It was even more impressive when you consider they were using 1997 computational powe... (more…)

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