Who Cares about Emacs

GNU Emacs isn’t the oldest interactive text editor for Unix—it’s predated (at least) by the Vi editor—nor is it the only Emacs in existence. However, it’s surely the most popular Emacs and one of the best editors available on POSIX. Read more


Emacs on the Back End

I’ve been procrastinating on writing a web-based admin interface for news.gmane.io… because I just haven’t been able to make up my mind as to what technologies to use. I hate lear… (more…)

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State of Emacs Survey

Recently I learned of the first-ever State of Emacs survey and I wanted to share a few thought about it with my readers. Okay, the survey is officially named just “Emacs Survey”, but it clearly draws a lot of inspiration from the numerous “State of Techno... (more…)

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Emacs vs. Vim with some historical Context

I've been meaning to do my version of the Emacs VI rant for a while. A few years ago I staged out a video showing what it would be like for a beginner to start with Emacs, Vim, Atom, and Sublime Text but decided it would be long, unwieldy and clunky to pr... (more…)

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Handling Email with Emacs

Like many other people, I write, receive and loath a lot of email. Writing it goes something like this: Create a new draft, figure out the right address to put into the To: field, write “Hi <fir… (more…)

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