What makes hiring remote Python developers a good choice for your project?

We’ll show you the pros and cons of different models of hiring Python developers, as well as the skills you should look for, whether you hire in-house programmers, freelancers, or choose experts from an outsourcing company… Read more


Back up everything with Python (Interview)

Everyone who uses a computer on a regular basis knows the importance of backups. Duplicity is one of the most widely used backup technologies, and it's written in Python! This week Kenneth Loafman shares how Duplicity got started, how it works, and why yo... (more…)

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Stop naming your Python modules “utils”

Imagine the following situation: there is a software developer that is either adding new code or refactoring existing one by extracting a class/function. They have to place code somewhere, but it does not seem to fit anywhere. So what does a developer do?... (more…)

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