What Is Swift Programming Language and Why Should You Use IT?

Despite being a toddler in the programming languages world, Swift has proven its efficiency and is used by such companies as LinkedIn, Vimeo, Coursera, Twitter, etc. We assume that it will eventually outflank Objective-C and become a leader for iOS mobile… Read more


Apple’s use of Swift and SwiftUI in iOS 14

Swift was introduced a couple of years ago at Apple's 2014 WWDC. Over the years I analyzed iOS to measure how many built-in applications were using Swift. iOS 9 released in 2015 included a single application written with Swift: Calculator. Since then this... (more…)

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Swift Value Types and Reference Types

Value types and reference types are the core concepts in Swift. Let's study what are value and reference semantics; how Swift structs and classes are stored in memory; compare Swift structs and classes performance and suggest when to use what. (more…)

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