Webpack Headache

Webpack no longer automatically polyfills Node.js APIs. This is a huge breaking change and will inconvenience users & package maintainers. Read more


WASM Binary Module Loader for Webpack

A simple .wasm binary file loader for Webpack. Import your wasm modules directly into your bundle as Constructors returning of WebAssembly.Instance. This avoids the need of using fetch and parse for your wasm files. Imported wasm files are converted to Ui... (more…)

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Module Federation with Webpack 5

In this article, we will look at one of webpack's exciting new features, Module Federation. This feature will allow dynamic code reloading from another project at runtime. Using module federation will enable sharing code from other projects with only a li... (more…)

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Webpack 5 Release Plan

TL;DR: release planned for 2020-10-10, RC about ~1 month before that. After nearly 1 year of beta testing and about 2 years of development we feel that it's time to release webpack 5 soon. As p... (more…)

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