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Levels of Vue Scope

Vue comes with it's own unique levels of scope, in addition to what Javascript has already. Scope controls what variables can be used and where. Understanding the differences between the levels of scope that Vue gives you will help you to write clearer co... (more…)

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2020: The Year in Vue

It’s been roughly a year since the Front-End Working Group (FAWG) of the Wikimedia Foundation published a widely-discussed proposal to Adopt a Modern JavaScript Framework for use with MediaWiki. This proposal recommended that Wikimedia technical projects ... (more…)

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Template Optimization: Moon vs. Vue

The majority of JavaScript libraries/frameworks use either templates or JSX to define a view. Templates allow for a well-defined structure, using a special syntax for binding data to the view. JSX allows for JavaScript to be used anywhere in the template,... (more…)

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