Visualize the Best Python Books

This page is a visualization of the best Python books. They are based off Amazon user ratings of Python books.


Creating Serendipity with Python

We've been experimenting with breaking up employees into random groups (of size 4) and setting up video hangouts between them. We're doing this to replace the serendipitous meetings that sometimes occur around coffee machines, in lunch lines or while wait... (more…)

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Memory Mapping with Python

Before I start this week’s “byte” (which is my first experiment with a series actually!) I want to thank everyone who made the last post so successful. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see people having fun with something I wrote. That is the greate... (more…)

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How to Build a Burner Phone in Python

What is a burner phone number? It's one you can drop for things you don't want to give out your real phone number to and can get rid of easily. This tutorial shows you how to build a Python burner phone with Twilio and AssemblyAI that will transcribe your... (more…)

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