Vim upgrade 2017

After using vim for few years the main difficulties I have with my current
pathogen based vim plugin environment is, it’s bit difficult to re-produce a
fresh setup on new machine, managing gitmodules is dirty thing and adding new
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Some junior reflections on editors and Vim

Especially after the advent of language servers, what editor we choose to use is oftentimes a matter of personal flavor. I embrace this. But personal flavor must be balanced against usefulness. A serious developer should at least be able to make a case fo... (more…)

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Here is why vim uses hjkl keys as arrow keys

I was reading about vim the other day and found out why it used `hjkl` keys as arrow keys. When Bill Joy created the vi text editor he used the ADM-3A terminal, which had the arrows on hjkl keys. Naturally he reused the same keys and the rest is history. ... (more…)

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