Vim does not want to upgrade/remove “broken” crypto, don’t use “-x”

When using cryptmethod=blowfish2, the saved ciphertext is not authenticated with a message authentication code ("MAC tag"). Consider saving "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur a… Read more


Hagoromo Chalks, Progress and Vim

Are all old things worse? In previous posts such as Progress, tools & two cultures, The Notion of Progress and User Interfaces and A personal reflection on Vim , I argue that while some things get better in the world of software and programming, this... (more…)

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Some junior reflections on editors and Vim

Especially after the advent of language servers, what editor we choose to use is oftentimes a matter of personal flavor. I embrace this. But personal flavor must be balanced against usefulness. A serious developer should at least be able to make a case fo... (more…)

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