Vim Anti-Patterns That Cause Beginners To:Quit

As much as I can recommend vim since I made the switch many years ago, there’s a bunch of anti-patterns I’ve commited myself (and later saw others repeat them), which often resulted in frustration and writing off the idea, perhaps prematurely. It’s a sham… Read more


Vim Registers: The Basics and Beyond

Vim’s registers are that kind of stuff that you don’t think you need until you learn about them. After that, they become essential in your workflow, and it’s hard to let them behind. Saying that, it’s still incredible how many people use vim for years wi... (more…)

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We Vim

On this special edition of The Changelog, we tell Vim’s story from the mouths of its users. Julia Evans, Drew Neil, Suz Hinton, and Gary Bernhardt join Jerod Santo for a deep and wide-ranging discussion about “the best text editor that anyone ever wrote.”... (more…)

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