Using the Kani Rust Verifier on Tokio Bytes

In this post we’ll apply the Kani Rust Verifier (or Kani for short), our open-source formal verification tool that can prove properties about Rust code, to an example from Tokio. Read more


A zero-overhead linked list in Rust

Let’s implement an immutable, singly-linked list. Singly-linked means that each node contains a reference to the next node, but not vice versa. To make this data structure really performant, let’s use plain references instead of heap-allocated types. This... (more…)

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Oxide: The Essence of Rust

Rust claims to advance industrial programming by bridging the gap between low-level systems programming and high-level application programming. At the heart of the argument that this enables programmers to build more reliable and efficient software is the... (more…)

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