Using Rust for a simple hardware project

In this post we’ll cover new hardware additions to tonari and some of the work and research that went into powering that hardware. We’re big fans of the Rust programming language but before this project we hadn’t ever used it for embedded hardware. We’ll … Read more


Squeezing Rust into production: Part 2

Previously I wrote a small post (now unpublished, it was quite boring) about finding the smallest possible opening for introducing Rust into production use. In that case, Rust's place was quite minor; just the small script-like snippet for updating the in... (more…)

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Implementing `Flatmap` in Rust

Not too long ago I happened to watch @jonhoo's Crust of Rust stream on iterators. He implemented the standard library function flatten and along the way explained bits and pieces of Rust's trait system. In the stream, he recommends implementing flat_map a... (more…)

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