Using JavaScript to Implement the Same Stateful Program in Both OOP and FP

Some real programs are designed to produce output based solely on input. Ideally, compilers output the same binaries provided the same input files, for example. More frequently, however, programs require state, and user input together with the current sta… Read more


Stop writing JavaScript, LUA is the future

LUA is a neat scripting language with an emphasis on portability and speed. It is designed to be embedded into other, larger programs. I've never written Javascript. In this post, I compare and contrast LUA with Javascript in various domains of software ...

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Using Rollup.js to create JavaScript modules

Using Rollup.JS to create JS modules and libraries is easy, it can easily output AMD, CJS, ES, IIFE and UMD JS formats with minimal configuration. Its plugin structure really nice too, you should find nearly anything you need here. This blog will focus on... (more…)

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