Using AI to predict what should go behind a paywall

F.A.Z. developed a tool, based on AI and ML, with the support of the Google News Initiative, that delivers their editors predictions on which articles will work best behind the paywall. Read more


The AI Control Problem

Put it out of your mind that the AI Control Problem is a mathematical problem with a mathematical solution. This is rationalist hogwash from the same people who, when pressed, won’t really tell you polyamory is the rational choice, but do subtlely believe... (more…)

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AI Mimics Obama, Trump, Clinton Voices

The story starts out like a bad joke: Obama, Clinton and Trump walk into a bar, where they applauded a new startup based in Montreal, Canada called Lyrebird. Skeptical? Here’s a recording. Sound clip credit: Lyrebird If the scenario seems too bizarre to b... (more…)

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