Use any Rust, C++, C file like a JavaScript module

One of the signature features of webpack is its use of the “dependency graph” to manage and bundle assets. However, each resource that is loaded into webpack must be treated as JavaScript. Until now. Read more


Progress report on Rust Cranelift back end

Rustc_codegen_cranelift (cg_clif) is an alternative backend for rustc that I have been working on for the past two years. It uses the Cranelift code generator. Unlike LLVM which is optimized for output quality at the cost of compilation speed even when op... (more…)

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A Survey of Rust GUI Libraries

a popular trend in the Rust community is to ask "Are We X Yet" for various things that it would be nice to be able to develop easily in Rust - game and web are the most prominent ones as far as i can tell - and one such question is Are We GUI Yet. that's ... (more…)

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Calling a C function from Rust

Today I went to a Rust meetup. I had some ideas of what I might work on, but I’ve started to try and be more open to random nerdsnipes and discussions at these things. Here’s something I was thinking about and a little experiment that was an equally littl... (more…)

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