US tech investment sparks Rust Belt economic revival dreams; results are uneven

As Biden’s 2022 Chips Act sees $280bn poured into economy, new industry has come to some towns but floundered in others… Read more


The problem of effects in Rust

In a previous post, I shortly discussed the concept of “effects” and the parallels between them. In an unrelated post since then, Yosh Wuyts writes about the problem of trying to write fallible code inside of an iterator adapter that doesn’t support it. I... (more…)

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A Primer to Rust Async

This article is not comprehensive on the Rust Async topic but could be an easy overview if you have no idea about Async Programming in Rust or in general. If you are wondering about the new async/await keywords, Futures, and intrigued what Tokio... | Abid... (more…)

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