Upgrading Ansible Docker Containers from Python 2 to Python 3

I have discussed this slightly before, however, some background may be necessary. I build a relatively well used Docker container with Ansible. Originally this was all based on Python 2 which was the default Python that is installed with most operating sy… Read more


Cleaning Up Docker

With the passage of time running Docker in development, we tend to accumulate a lot of unused images. Sometimes for testing, research or just trying out fun new stuff. Its always cool to run new software in containers, lights up new possibilities for thos... (more…)

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Creating a Docker Instead with GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions are a perfect way to set up workflows to build applications, Docker images, and similar things on git repo actions. Those actions could be pushes to a branch, pull request creations or merges, or release tags. In this case, we’ll create a D... (more…)

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