Understanding Rust as a C++ Developer

As a C++ developer, we already have some common understandings which would really makes it easier to dive into Rust with the C++ wording. Read more


Rust Tokio Podcast Interview

In this podcast episode of Security Headlines: Carl Lerche, Rust developer and maintainer of the popular Rust programming library Tokio joins us. He walks us through what Rust and Tokio is, how companies are building their stacks with Rust. This and a lot... (more…)

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Rocket – A Rust game running on WASM

Two weeks ago, Alex Crichton’s PR adding a target for WebAssembly to the Rust compiler was merged. There are many differences between this target and the Emscripten one, but the important one for me is that it doesn’t depend on external stuff like the Ems... (more…)

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