Unconfigured next.js application with TypeScript does not work in IE11

What version of Next.js are you using? 10.0.5 What version of Node.js are you using? 14.14.0 What browser are you using? IE11 What operating system are you using? Windows 10 How are you deploying y… Read more


Announcing TypeScript 3.8

Today we’re proud to release TypeScript 3.8! For those unfamiliar with TypeScript, it’s a language that adds syntax for types on top of JavaScript which can be analyzed through a process called static type-checking. This type-checking can tell us about er... (more…)

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Setting up TypeScript with Node.js

Whilst it can front-load some of the effort required to build a large-scale JavaScript application, over the last couple of years I've found TypeScript to be something that protects both you (or future you) and the people you work with the longer a projec... (more…)

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