Types for PlantUML: Parsing PlantUML with TypeScript in a few simple steps

plantuml-parser 0.0.12 introduces TypeScript declarations. Now you can parse PlantUML and get a fully typed result. PlantUML diagrams are awesome! In this post I first give a brief introduction into PlantUML. Then I will show how you can use plantuml-pars… Read more


TypeScript 4.7

Today we’re excited to announce the availability of TypeScript 4.7! If you’re not yet familiar with TypeScript, it’s a language that builds on JavaScript and adds syntax for types. Types help describe what kinds of values you’re working with and what kind... (more…)

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Why TypeScript Is Growing More Popular

Why is TypeScript getting so popular? Key development frameworks depend on it and it improves developer productivity in the ever-changing JavaScript world. The recent Stack Overflow Developer Survey and the annual RedMonk programming language rankings bot... (more…)

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TypeScript 4.4 Beta

Today we are excited to announce the beta release of TypeScript 4.4! To get started using the beta, you can get it through NuGet, or use npm with the following command: npm install typescript@beta You can also get editor support by Downloading for Visual ... (more…)

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