Two Reasons Functional Style Is Slow in JavaScript implentations

Programming JS in a functional style is often more elegant but comes at the
cost of performance. In the past, part of that performance problem has been
due to native, C++ implementations of the most-often used higher-order
operations like Array.prototype….


A little bit of plain JavaScript can do a lot

I’ve never worked as a professional frontend developer, so even though I’ve been writing HTML/CSS/JS for 15 years for little side projects, all of the projects have been pretty small, sometimes I don’t write any Javascript for years in between, and I ofte... (more…)

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An Introduction to JavaScript Callbacks

What is a Callback function? 🤔 We know that in JavaScript, we can pass functions as an argument into another function. These functions which take other function as an argument are known as Higher-Order functions. And the functions which are passed a... (more…)

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