Tutorial: Get started with 64-bit ARM and Docker.. how does 96 cores sound?

Looking at the Pine64, Odroid-C2 and Packet.net’s 96-core beast. We install Docker on ARMv8 then build and benchmark 64-bit images from scratch.


PayPal Cuts Costs 10x with Docker

The bigger you are, the more small efficiencies add up. Manivannan Selvaraj's talk from LinuxCon North America gives us a detailed inside view of how PayPal cut operating costs by a factor of ten, while greatly increasing performance and user convenience.

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Why ROS and Docker are not a good fit

The Robot Operating System (ROS) has been powering innovators for the last decade. But as more and more ROS robots are reaching the market, developers face new challenges deploying their applications. Why did we start using ROS & Docker? Is it conveni... (more…)

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