Tutorial: A Meme Search Desktop App with JavaScript and Giphy API Using Nodegui

Atul Ramachandran demonstrates how to install NodeGui and use it to build a meme searcher that lives in the system tray and communicates with the GIPHY API. Read more


Human-Readable JavaScript

JavaScript gives us many ways to do things, but deciding which way can be tricky. Laurie Barth gives us a story of two experts who solve this problem in different ways, giving some insight into how… (more…)

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Dark mode images without JavaScript

The <picture> element supports media query matchers and if you want to specify a different image for dark mode, you can use a different <source>. So, if there are no suitable matches or if the browser doesn’t support the <picture> elemen... (more…)

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Typal <3 JavaScript

JavaScript is a great language for any software development processes. Typal is a tool that provides type inferences and compilation infrastructure for pure JS code. (more…)

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