Try MakieLayout – Perfect Layouts for Interactive Scientific Graphics in Julia

Researchers often need to create complex visualizations, that go far beyond a single axis or a simple subplot grid. This is especially true for graphics meant for publication, which are held to a higher aesthetic standard. Still, most commonly used plotti… Read more


Julia Abstractions for Arduino Registers

It's been a while since I've messed around with julia on an arduino - I honestly did not expect people to be interested in this as much as they have been! Since there has been lots of progress on my bachelors' thesis, I thought it would be ok to procrasti... (more…)

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Computer Algebra in Julia

Recently, the place of the main programming language for scientific and engineering computations has been little by little taken by Julia. Some users want to work completely within the Julia framework as they work within the Python framework. There are li... (more…)

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