Tracking Down FFI Segfaults in Rust

I was developing safe wrappers for Ceph recently and I wanted to put them into use.I wrote some code that talked directly to Rados ( Ceph’s object store ) to…


Making Rust as Fast as Go

Go is garbage collected, rust is not. That means rust is faster than go, right? No! Not always. Let’s take an example that I stumbled across while playing around with an algorithm that calculates Levenshtein edit distances. I wanted to compare the perform... (more…)

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Bellman: zk-SNARKs in Rust

Bellman is a Rust-language library for building zk-SNARKs — small, cheap-to-verify zero-knowledge proofs of arbitrary computations. The goal of bellman is to make it easier for the general public to use and experiment with zk-SNARKs, and also as a step fo... (more…)

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