Tracers – Rust Instrumentation Library (SystemTab, DTrace, ETW)

Ergonomic Rust bindings for instrumenting Rust apps with high performance probes using SystemTap, DTrace, etc – anelson/tracers… Read more


A Sad Day for Rust

actix-web is dead. This situation is bad, from all sides. When Rust was a tiny, tiny community, I thought to myself, “wow, I wonder how long this will last? Probably 1.0 will kill it.” Sort of playing off of Eternal September, I assumed that over... | Ste... (more…)

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Evolving Rust through Epochs

There has been a long-standing question around Rust's evolution: will there ever be a Rust 2.0 in the semver sense? This RFC gives the answer: certainly not in the foreseeable future, and probably ... (more…)

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