Tokio internals: Understanding Rust’s async I/O framework

Tokio is a Rust framework for developing
applications which perform asynchronous I/O — an event-driven
approach that can often achieve better scalability, performance, and
resource usage than conventional synchronous I/O. Unfortunately, Tokio
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Rust is not a good C replacement

I have a saying that summarizes my opinion of Rust compared to Go: “Go is the result of C programmers designing a new programming language, and Rust is the result of C++ programmers designing a new programming language”. This isn’t just a metaphor - Go wa... (more…)

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Rust 2020: GUI and Community

In response to the call for blogs about the vision for Rust for 2020, I’m going to write about GUI. I believe the time is right for a native GUI toolkit written in Rust, and that such a thing would fill a very important niche. There is a demand for perfor... (more…)

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