Todd Motto on Ultimate Angular, hard work, peaceful life and public speaking

“I like my quiet, peaceful life.” – Todd Motto Hey Todd, you’re quite a superstar in the front-end world! Haha. People say this, but I just say no. Credit: @AngularCamp Smart. How did it all start? How did you become the programmer you are today? Compl… Read more


A simple logging service for Angular 4

In the previous post, I described two Angular 4 component communication scenarios used to enable sibling component interaction. In this post, I'll walk you through the steps I followed when adding support for a simple Angular 4 logging service that uses d... (more…)

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Notes About Angular and Midi

Hype song aside, I wanted to take a moment to share the lessons I learned while making Mischief Maker. This was a case of me pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying to build something new and different. This pretty much meant that I started the p... (more…)

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