The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Containers: A Foolproof, Hands-On Docker Tutorial

Welcome to Part 2 of my shameless attempt at explaining Docker to beginners. I struggled so you don’t have to!
In last week’s article we covered what Docker is, some of its jargon, and why it outperforms VMs in many use cases in today’s typical softw… Read more


Environment agnostic front end Docker images

Environment variables are a standard way to parametrize backend containers. For some reason, they haven’t seen wide adoption on the frontend side, which just as much requires customization. Both React and Vue still recommend creating separate .env files f... (more…)

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Setting Up Locally with Docker-Compose

I’ve dived into a new effort to figure out, get it running, and if plausible contribute in some way to the project. This was kick started yesterday while I was speaking with Joachim (T @lindyhop && G @josmo) about some projects we’re ...

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