The GPIO war (Low level GPIO drivers in Rust)

As most embedded developers I’m addled by a disease: code vertigo. I like my
code flush to the earth, where I can take an ear to the ground and hear the
fuzzy rumble of electrons and the crackle of dodgy solder joints. When code at
that level collapses it… Read more


What Can Coerce, and Where, in Rust

Rust supports a number of type coercions, which implicitly convert one type to another. As in any language with coercion, there is a trade-off made between clarity when reading and ease of writing. While disagreement may be had about whether Rust’s list o... (more…)

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Rust’s 2017 roadmap, six months in

In January of this year, we adopted the 2017 Rust Roadmap, which laid out our plans for 2017. As part of the roadmap process, we plan to regularly release updates on the progress of each roadmap item. This post marks the halfway point through the year. (more…)

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