The Dark Path, Swift and Kotlin

Over the last few months I’ve dabbled in two new languages. Swift and Kotlin. These two languages have a number of similarities. Indeed, the similarities are so stark that I wonder if this isn’t a new trend in our language churn. If so, it is a da…


Pitching Optional Throws in Swift

Optional Throws in Swift Hi all, I have been looking for a way to add some flexibility to error handling, and I'm interested in fielding feedback on this idea. Thanks for your time, Michael Background Motivation There are many cases when jurisdiction... (more…)

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Swift Distributed Actors

Since @_marker isn't (I believe) intended for use in user code, I think the situation is somewhat different. Implicit in the "underscored language features may be removed at any time" policy is that we won't break the source compatibility promise, so to t... (more…)

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