The current state of server-side Swift [audio]

Kaitlin Mahar, lead engineer at MongoDB and member of the Swift Server Work Group, joins John to discuss the current state of server-side Swift, designing APIs for server-side libraries, and Swift’s upcoming suite of structured concurrency features. Read more


Flutter vs. Swift for iOS Apps

The two main choices for iOS app development are Flutter / Dart and Native iOS / Swift. We’ve provided this mobile app framework comparison to help you figure out which framework or language is right for your project. (more…)

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A Closer Look at Swift Playgrounds for iPad

A few days ago my wife expressed an interest in learning how to code. ‘Really..? Sure!’, I said. ‘You should check out an app called Swift Playgrounds’. I was a little surprised, since she’s not the math or science type (she’ll freely admit that). Unlike ... (more…)

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