Test Automation for Machine Learning: An Experience Report

Once upon a time I needed to automate tests for machine learning…here’s what I learned about testing, automation, and the future of both. Be sure to check out the full edition of the April 2017 issue of Testing Trapeze. Read more


Machine Learning explained to my girlfriend

Welcome to my series of posts Machine Learning explained to my girlfirend. It does not aim to be exhaustive nor specific, but to be fun and easy to understand. Here are the parts of the series : Part 1 : What is Machine Learning ? Part 2 : Supervised Lear...

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Using Machine Learning to Detect Malicious URLs

With the growth of Machine Learning in the past few years, many tasks are being done with the help of machine learning algorithms.Unfortunately or fortunately, there has been little work done on machine learning and cyber security. So I thought of present...

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