Telega.el: GNU Emacs telegram client (unofficial)

GNU Emacs telegram client (unofficial). Contribute to zevlg/telega.el development by creating an account on GitHub. Read more


Emacs Cider: ClojureScript

Unlike the Clojure ecosystem that is dominated by a single REPL, the ClojureScript ecosystem has a number of different choices for REPLs (e.g. nashorn, node, weasel, figwheel and shadow-cljs). You’ll have to decide which one you want to run and how you wa... (more…)

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Customizing Emacs init with org-mode

Now you have installed Emacs1 and have been using it for a while (see my advice or even my quick start guide), you want to level up on the Dark Arts of Emacs and take advantage of the largest Emacs selling-point: customization. (more…)

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