Technique makes Taylor Swift to sing perfect Mandarin Chinese song

We provide a beginner recipe to demonstrate how to train a cutting edge SVC model. Specifically, it is also an official implementation of the paper \”Leveraging Content-based Features from Multiple Acoustic Models for Singing Voice Conversion\” (NeurIPS 2… Read more


Swift to Add call/cc

This PR introduces two new entry points named withUnsafe[Throwing]Continuation() in the _Concurrency module. The two new entry points have the following types: withUnsafeContinuation: <T> ((U... (more…)

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Intro to Swift 3

It’s Here! So you’ve been wanting to get into iOS development? Well, now’s the best time to get in. With the introduction of Swift, creating iPhone, Apple Watch, and MacOS apps has never been easier. In this tutorial, I will go over the Swift langua...

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