Taylor Swift Stakes ‘Reputation’ on CDs; Album Unlikely to Stream Initially

Taylor Swift appears to be staking her reputation on CD sales. Her new album, ‘Reputation,’ is unlikely to be made available on streaming serviceswhen it’s released, according to people familiar with the matter. Read more


DNA Hacking with Swift 4 – Xcode 9

DNA Hacking with Swift 4 | Xcode 9 : An Introduction to Bioinformatics starts the student off with a crash course on DNA. The student will then learn how to preprocess and save datasets from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) like th... (more…)

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Generics in Swift

The other day I came across a bug in my RethinkDB driver for Swift. The function that runs the query defines a generic parameter T, which is used to cast the result of the query to a specific… (more…)

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