System – Async/Await and Child Process Creation in Node.js

system(1) is a tiny wrapper around the child_process module. It uses child_process.spawn(2) to asynchronously run a shell command in a new process. It returns a Promise so that it can be async/await’d. Read more


Managing Node.js with Volta

I recently wrote a blog post about how I use NVM to manage my node version. Someone commented on the post saying I should look into Volta What is Volta Volta is a command line tool used to manage your Node.js. It is built using Rust and is shipped as... (more…)

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Hole a new serverless technology for Node.js

Introducing the new generation of serverless technology for Node.js, efficient and cold start to zero with Managing servers with a complex infrastructure a professional team focused only on monitoring and consuming several hours to decide how ... (more…)

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