Swift Summit 2016 – A Shorter and Sweeter Conference Experience

I recently attended the Swift Summit 2016 conference in San Francisco, CA. To be honest, it has been a few years since I decided to attend a conference due to my lackluster experiences at conferences in the past. Sponsors Provide Value, Not Noise Unfortun…


A panel discussion about server-side Swift

A panel discussion about server-side Swift, recorded live at the Server-Side Swift conference in November 2019. Join Tim Condon as he talks to Kaitlin Mahar, Siemen Sikkema, Tanner Nelson and Ian Partridge about the current state of Swift on the server, a... (more…)

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Podcast interview about server-side Swift

Tim Condon, server-side Swift developer, writer and conference organizer, joins John to talk about all things networking. From organizing and abstracting networking code on the client-side, to using Swift on the server, and how to combine the two in order... (more…)

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