Swift: Avoiding extension hell with opt-in extensions

Some developers looove extensions, and rightfully so; they are very easy and convenient to power up types in Swift to make our lives easier. If a developer isn’t careful, however, you may import a framework and run into an overload of unwanted extensions,… Read more


Swift Social is live and also on CrowdCube

The company, backed by Colab Ventures, has created Swift Social. It helps anyone to grow an engaged audience on social media, no matter what their skill or experience is. Their beta launch has over 800 users in 69 countries, with over 10% of the trial use... (more…)

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Generics in Swift

The other day I came across a bug in my RethinkDB driver for Swift. The function that runs the query defines a generic parameter T, which is used to cast the result of the query to a specific… (more…)

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