Swift: Avoiding extension hell with opt-in extensions

Some developers looove extensions, and rightfully so; they are very easy and convenient to power up types in Swift to make our lives easier. If a developer isn’t careful, however, you may import a framework and run into an overload of unwanted extensions,… Read more


The Swift Programming Language: Concurrency

Swift has built-in support for writing asynchronous and parallel code in a structured way. Asynchronous code can be suspended and resumed later, although only one piece of the program executes at a time. Suspending and resuming code in your program lets i... (more…)

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Swift Server APIs Work Group

Since Swift became available on Linux there has been a huge amount of interest in using Swift on the server, resulting in the emergence of a number of Web Frameworks, including Kitura, Vapor, Perfect, and Zewo, along with many others. As an important part...

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