Swift 5.3 Will Be Supported on Windows and Additional Linux Distributions

Swift 5.3 has recently entered the final stage of its development with the creation of the release/5.3 branch. One of the major goals for the upcoming Swift release is extending official platform support, including additional Linux distributions and Windo… Read more


FRP Architectural Pattern in Swift 3

This post is a tutorial that will teach you how to bind data to views using RxSwift, which is a part of the Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) design pattern — where views react to changes to data…

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Tutorial on server side Swift and Vapor2

After doing web development since PHP4.1, I almost gave up and decided to learn Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Then I discovered Laravel two years ago and have been using it since. I have also been developing Swift and Objective-C for iOS and macOS and released (more…)

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