Super Fast and Easy Social Media Sharing Buttons. No JavaScript. No Tracking

Lembro que fiquei surpreso, quando na televisão anunciou esse festival; primeiro que eu havia lido na revista Rock Brigade, que o Sex Pistols viria ao Brasil, banda que eu achei que nunca voltaria a tocar; na ocasião chegueianunciar que não iria, pois, ha… Read more


Handling 3rd-party JavaScript with Rollup

This blog post is part of the Mixmax 2017 Advent Calendar. The previous post on December 2nd was about Mixmax’s new Sequence Picker SDK. As of this writing, Mixmax has open-sourced dozens of packages in our primary language, JavaScript. The li... (more…)

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The JavaScript Standard

JavaScript has gone from being a marketing ploy to gain a tactical advantage, to becoming the core programming experience in the world’s most widely used application runtime platform. Where to, next? (more…)

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