Streams concurrency with async-std in Rust

In our last post about Async Rust we looked at Futures
concurrency, and before that
we looked at Rust streams. In this
post we bring the two together, and will take a closer look at concurrency with
Rust streams. Read more


How Microsoft is adopting Rust

Microsoft has one of the largest C/C++ codebases in the world. All of its core products from Windows and Office to the Azure cloud run on it. Unsurprisingly, since C++ is not a memory-safe language… (more…)

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Learning Rust: Let’s Build a Parser

This is a demonstration of building a parser in Rust using the nom crate. I recently built a parser for the cddl-cat crate using nom, and I found it a surprisingly not-terrible experience, much better than my past experiences with other parser-generators ... (more…)

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Choosing Between Rust or Go?

One expert’s take on the Pros, Cons, and Controversies of each language. If you have written code in either Rust or Go, you’ll recognize some similarities and differences between them. While there is some overlap between the goals of the two languages, th... (more…)

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