Stencil Computations for Multi-Core Architectures Based on Machine Learning

Stencil computations are the basis to solve many problems related to Partial Differential Equations (PDEs). Obtaining the best performance with such numerical kernels is a major issue as many critical parameters (architectural features, compiler flags, me… Read more


Machine Learning in Criminology

In November of 2016, engineering researchers Xiaolin Wu and Xi Zhang posted an article entitled “Automated Inference on Criminality using Face Images” to a widely used online repository of research papers known as the arXiv. In their article, Wu and Zhan... (more…)

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How to Advance to Machine Learning and AI

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning these days. This is not just of strategic relevance for companies the likes of Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook or AI is now a term that all companies should be fam...

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