Stable Diffusion 2.1 – renders people again – (Python package for Mac and Linux)

AI imagined images. Pythonic generation of stable diffusion images. – GitHub – brycedrennan/imaginAIry at 8dcdef3c58dc2d5e13b5e422e27b774f4933651a… Read more


Guide to Concurrency in Python with Asyncio

This is a quick guide to Python’s asyncio module and is based on Python version 3.8. Introduction asyncio concurrent.futures Event Loop Awaitables Coroutines Tasks Futures Running an asyncio program Running Async Code in the REPL Use another Event Loo... (more…)

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Contiguous Array and Reshaping in Python

Reshape is an important feature which lets you to change the shape of your array without changing its data whereas ravel is used to get the 1D contiguous flattened array containing the input elements In this post we will see how ravel and reshape works an... (more…)

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