Speeding up Rust builds inside Docker

Currently it is not possible
to instruct cargo, the Rust package manager, to build only the dependencies
of the software you are compiling! This means you can’t easily pre-install
build dependencies. Luckily you can workaround this with cargo build -p!
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24 days of Rust – zip and lzma compression

The zip crate is the most commonly used Rust library for manipulating ZIP archives. It supports reading and writing .zip files with different compression methods (store, deflate, bzip2). There are at least three crates for LZMA (de)compression on crates.i...

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Redox: The Rust operating system in 2016

Back in 2009, Jackpot51 wrote SollerOS, which was a tiny operating system which was simply a hobby project of his to learn OS development. It was a tiny kernel written in Assembly, which could print text to the screen.

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